Demonstrations Against Illegal Partition of Serbia (Serbian Institute)

In an act of solidarity, please join us for Kosovo information session in our peaceful protest against illegal partition of Serbia, at 3 PM on Sunday, 24 February 2008, at Schuman Square, Brussels.



Kosovo is our heart! Don't tear it out!

Stand up for international law!

Raise your voice against awarding ethnically motivated secessionism!

Today it is Kosovo, tomorrow it could be the Basque region, Corsica, Cyprus, South Tyrol, Republic of Srpska, South Ossetia, Abkhazia ...

And do not take us wrong! We are not a priori against the right of self-determination, but against its endorsement in breach of basic principles of international law! The existing one, and only until it is replaced by some new principles, for which the United Nations Security Council has the exclusive right.

The citizens of Serbia have unanimously condemned self-declared and illegal independence by Kosovo. Serbian Diaspora of Belgium and various other countries will show their disproval with the recent political developments in Brussels where certain EU member states have expressed their will to recognize illegal partition of our country.We believe that international law must be fully respected and in this case, the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo is in severe breach of international law - the UN Charter, UN Resolution 1244, Helsinki Final Act and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.

We are convinced that a constructive solution can be found on sustainable social and economic basis, benefiting people in the entire territory of Serbia, irrespective of their ethnic background. This separatist development can be seen as a threat for stability and sustainable development, being a model for further similar movements, often even classified as terrorist movements, both in Europe and world-wide.

Join us and stand up for international law on Sunday in our peaceful protest. Give your contribution to the wave of protests across Europe and world-wide!


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